Small Groups

Church is about God and people relating to each other. At All Nations Church we trust that our worship service is one venue where we are both collectively and individually relating to God. We also know that the size of our worship service limits the depth of relationships developed there. We believe that deeper relationships are facilitated by smaller groups and we offer this opportunity at All Nations Church. In a small group participants get to know God and each other better as we reflect on God’s word, pray, and have fun together. The purpose of the small groups at All Nations Church is to help each of us reflect Jesus Christ as we worship God, care for people and help each other meet the unique challenges we face. For more information click here.

Women’s Ministries

We have a vibrant connection for women of all ages at All Nations Church. You can enjoy our choice of daytime and evening home fellowships. Mums with young children should consider joining our Mums & Tots Group! There are also women’s retreats to get away from the usual routine and to relax and enjoy fellowship!

Children’s Ministry

Children at All Nations Church have a place to call their own! BACKSTAGE is a place of both excitement and learning, as young people from four to eighteen gather each week to learn the Word of God and how it applies to their life. Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers who love God and love working with kids. Click here for more information.


ANCL YOUTH exists to connect teenagers to God, to each other, and to adult leaders who are crazy about teenagers! Join us where having fun is a given, depth is developed, and relationships are created to last a lifetime.

Global Outreach

The following projects are being supported by All Nations Church. These projects were proposed by members of the congregation and approved by the ANCL Global Outreach Team. The projects were chosen based on criteria established by the GO Team such as statement of faith, financial accountability, among other things. It is of utmost importance that the organization shares the gospel and love of Jesus with those in need. Please lift up in prayer the people working in these projects and those whose lives are being impacted in the name of Christ.

  • Living Hope (Ukraine) Living Hope is a Ukrainian NGO that helps children and youth at risk as well as their families. The main aim is to establish day care centers in different areas to give children and youth the chance to spend their leisure time meaningful and protected, to give them assistance to develop life skills and to teach Christian values.

Worship Team

Coming together to worship our Creator and experiencing His presence is one of the most important things we do at All Nations Church. Here’s why: as we worship together, we are challenged to live a life of worship outside of the church walls and experience God’s presence in everyday life. If you are a talented musician or singer please consider joining one of our worship teams.

Audio Video Team

These volunteers are vital to our services and provide professional quality and creativity to all services with sound, video, camera, special effects, and both video and audio recording. Most messages may be heard through broadband on the podcast page of this website.