Camp Living Hope 2021

12 - 17 July 2021

THIS summer!

Over 100 children are set to join the camp in Ukraine with the theme of the camp ‘Being a messenger of Jesus’.  

Due to the amazing response to Building Hope we’ve decided not to set a target to raise support for the camp this year.

However, your prayer is very valued and you can still send a donation to help send a child to camp. The cost to send a child to camp is EUR 95. 


10 camp-specific areas for prayer

  1. Physical safety and health—Please pray for no sickness or injuries, for good sleep, and for energy.
  2. Good weather—It’s looking like we might have some thunderstorms in the latter half of the week.
  3. The 10 teams – Most of the time the kids will spend in their “camp families”. Please pray for the leaders and co-leaders – for unity, wisdom, love, patience and creativity.
  4. Kindness and humility in competitions and games—A lot of the games revolve around a big competition between teams. Please pray that healthy competition draws kids together and strengthens new friendships, but also that competition doesn’t overtake grace and humility. Please pray that kids and leaders look for and seize opportunities to serve each other and reach out to each other.
  5. Welcoming friendships—Please pray that God deepens existing friendships and builds new friendships. Please pray for including all kids, leaving no one behind.
  6. For the kids who join our camp for the first time—We will have kids from 6 to 18 attending the camp. Please pray for the kids who are attending first time, that they will feel like home.
  7. Worship—Summer camp is a time when kids can practice engaging in worship Please pray that the times of worship are full of freedom and excitement and that there is a response to Jesus.
  8. Messages—Please pray for people engaged in teaching and giving testimonies. The topic is – being an ambassador of Christ – using the example of the life of apostle Paul. Please pray that we listen attentively and that God gives us ears to hear. Pray for open hearts and that life’s will be deeply touched and changed.
  9. Conversations—There are small group discussions every day after the message and every evening, plus a many little conversations. Please pray that the kids share and that we leaders ask good questions, hear what people really mean, and speak God’s truth and love.
  10. For the team joining from Luxembourg—For smooth travel and good integration despite of language.


Donate via Bank transfer

Donations may be made to ANCL via its bank account at BIL – Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

IBAN: LU33 0024 1741 2138 8800
Add note: Camp Living Hope 2021 

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