All Nations Church of Luxembourg Childsafe Policy

Keeping your child secure in the church!

At All Nations Church of Luxembourg, we desire for children to learn about God in a fun and safe environment. To that end we have put together a church wide childsafe policy for volunteers, children/teens and parents who participate in our programs.

We know that to accomplish this most important task, we need your participation as a parent or guardian. Therefore, we ask that you read and sign your understanding and commitment to our childsafe policy. You will find a place for that on the back of our registration form which we also ask all of our families to fill out so that we can have important information about the children/youth who take part in our various activities.

As a church, we take very seriously our responsibility to follow the Lord’s teaching to love and care for both adults and children. When we follow the Lord in this way, we are fulfilling our mission to be a community of hope to the world – a community that by God’s grace meets the needs of those inside and outside the church.

We thank you for helping us to care for the children entrusted to us at ANCL.

Pastor Paul McMinimy

Childsafe Policy

  1. All Nations Church of Luxembourg is committed to making the church welcoming, child friendly and as safe as possible.
  2. Parents or guardians will fill in a registration form giving information about their child(ren) including any medical or other special needs about which the leader should have knowledge.
  3. The leaders of children’s and youth work within our church will undergo a selection and disclosure procedure before appointment. All leaders and volunteers will commit themselves to adhere to the ANCL “Requirements for Child Safety”.
  4. Our goal is to have two responsible people (a leader and a helper) to be in charge of each group of young children for the duration of the children’s activity session.
  5. Should any problems arise during a group session or activity (such as sickness, misbehavior, disruption), the helper will ask the parent to come and take the child back into the parent’s care and supervision.
  6. Immediately after the activity or session is finished, responsibility for the care and supervision of the children passes from the leaders and helpers and returns to the parents.
  7. The childsafe coordinator is available to speak to parents on any aspect of child safety in relation to church activities.