“We’re all chasing after something, something that we think will make us happy—comfort, success, a bigger house, or someone’s approval. But if we are all honest, it feels like trying to catch the wind.  God is the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us feeling more empty.” – Jennie Allen

This weekend we will spend some time looking at the life of David, and discovering what it means that he was “a man after God’s own heart”.

We’ll be using material from the study Chase by Jennie Allen. There will be time to listen, time to discuss, time to reflect and time to pray.



We will be staying together at the beautiful Manoir du Sartay in the Belgian Ardennes, just one hour from Luxembourg City. The house has big gardens, and lots of rooms to gather around open fires and good food! We’re hoping for an intimate and fun house party style weekend.



What is the venue and accommodation like?

  • Think rural hunting lodge! The Manoir has a number of comfortable communal rooms with open fires and cosy couches. There’s a big garden to explore if the weather is nice.
  • Bedooms have two twin beds, with either an en suite bathroom or a shared bathroom in the hallway. All are in very good condition. Most of the bathrooms have showers, a few have a shower over a bath tub. There are some separate toilets in the hallway so you won’t be kept waiting if someone is using the shower! Rooms without an ensuite so have sinks to use.
  • When you register, you can let us know who you’d like to share with, or leave it open and we will pair you with someone we think you’ll get on with.
  • We have a very small number of single rooms available on a first come first served basis. A couple of these are rooms with a bunk bed where we’ve chosen not to use the top bunk.
  • You can see more photos at the Manoir du Sartay website.

What does the cost include?

  • The cost of the weekend includes your accommodation, six meals (2 dinner, 2 lunch, 2 breakfast), and all the little extras to make it a wonderful weekend. We think it’s a great deal!
  • If the cost is prohibitive for you, however, please speak to one of the Retreat Planning Team or email us at – we’d hate for that to be the only reason you don’t come.

Who can come?

  • This weekend is open to all women aged 18 and up. Leave your partners and children at home!
  • If you are a nursing mother and would like to attend, please speak to us – it may be possible to accommodate you and your baby, although no childcare will be provided during the weekend.

I am new at ANCL. Should I still come?

  • YES! This is the perfect weekend to get to know the other women at the church. A big part of the weekend is simply the opportunity for new and deepening friendship.
  • Yes. Try and make it in time for our first session after dinner if you can, so that you don’t miss out. Unfortunately, we can’t offer any discounts if you need to miss one of the meals.

Is there anything I can help with?

  • We are catering the weekend ourselves, with the exception of the Saturday evening dinner when we have a caterer coming in! So we’ll need help on the weekend with setting out the tables, preparing food, and cleaning up afterwards. There will be sign up sheets when you arrive on the Friday.
  • Also, if you are available to help with the Welcome and set up on the Friday (maybe arriving a little earlier in the afternoon) we’d love to hear from you. Email to volunteer.
  • And please encourage all your friends, women in your small group, random women you sit next to in church, to come and join us for the weekend!

Have more questions?

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