Dear Supporters,

We would like to thank you for all your support during the year gone by. Hope- fully you understand how meaningful it is to help children and young people who otherwise would not have a chance. It is a great privilege to be able to give them a hope!

Csaba at the halfway home, Brânduşa.

Csaba lives at the half-way home, Bran- dusa, and enjoys it very much. When he comes home from work he is usually found cutting grass and tiding up outside the house. Sometimes he gets the other boys and girls to help him. In the Spring they would like to plant seeds and grow flowers. “I wish I had rakes, shovels and such things. My dream is a wheel- barrow”, says Csaba. “I look around and think how nice it could be”.

Csaba is working for Marghita town’s en- vironment and planning office. He is part of a team that is looking after the parks and keeping the pavements clean and he is proud of his job. He also says that he moved into Brandusa when it opened in Spring 2009. Before that, he lived with a friend in an apartment in town but there were problems with neighbours.

“When I finished school at Cadea, I was told that I was coming to the transit home in Marghita, which made me so happy! Following two and half years in the transit home I lived in my little cabin/hut, which I loved! I lived at the orphanage in Popesti for eight years. I came there in 1993 and I remember when the Swedes came and put concrete on our muddy playground. At that time we were living in the class- rooms. I was crying when I moved to Cadea. I sometimes think how my mum could leave me? I do not know my parents. They used to take me home sometimes before I came to Popesti but I do not remember this. I am praying to God for a family and a home of my own one day.”

Lidia Zmole, accountant.

Lidia Zmole is our accountant and she is thankful for all supporters! “It is a wonder the fact that money is coming in every month” she says. “I am not worried but in 2008 I really wondered what was going to happen. Since then I have not been anxious because I have seen how God has helped. Sometimes we do not have money until the very day it is time to pay. We are very care- ful how we use the money. All spending, small and big, are checked thoroughly. The accountancy is very important. Every re- ceipt, every invoice, all bank errands, well, everything has to be registered and put through control once a year. It is also im- portant to keep check on the things arriving on the trucks as well as the things going out of the depot to different places. There is also a lot of paperwork with 42 employees but I am amazed every time I see that there is enough money for the salaries. Most of our support comes from Sweden but we also have faithful givers in other countries such as USA, UK, Holland etc.

Lidia received the opportunity to work as secretary in 2006. “I knew of Casa Alba as a neighbour family had adopted a child from there, a girl who is loved in the whole vil- lage. I did not know more but I really liked FCE from the first moment”. Lidia took over the accountancy responsibility in 2007 when the former accountant moved abroad. “It was hard to start with but I like the work” says Lidia who, in 2009, was elected onto FCE’s board and leadership that consists of Lars Gustavsson, Valentina Ferche and Lidia Zmole.

It is nearly two years ago since we opened our catering kitchen and it is Lidia who is responsible for it. “Together with the cook- ing ladies I plan a two weekly menu. There is a soup and a main course every day. I also order food for the remaining meals for our projects. Approximately 100 portions are prepared every day and taken out to the transit/family homes (inc. Casa Silvia), the half-way home as well as the special needs schools. New for this Autumn is the Day Centre for the disabled young people who have finished school. They also receive food.

In my work I come into contact with the children and young people we have in our different projects. I would like to see them more in their spare time and be a support for them.”

Lidia now lives in Marghita with her husband and two year old son.

The Day centre

The day centre has tentatively started and we would like to take the opportunity and ask for activity materials. We need good and simple sewing machines, material, laces, thread, coloured paper, PVA glue, thick candles (preferably white), wooden frames, glass vases, flower pots, boxes, serviette holders and other things in wood to glue serviettes on. There are also some craft activities taking place in the transit/ family homes and the thought is that the produce will be for sale.

Little Claudiu together with transit mother in Marghita, Mariana.

Transit/family homes

Some changes have taken place in the transit/family homes this year. Small children have replaced young people when they have left. The ages vary between 1-22 years old, which we see as positive for all those involved. The older ones learn a lot and the younger ones always have big sisters and brothers around. The youngest one is Claudiu who has just turned one. He has just gone through his first corrective surgery for his cleft lip and pallet which was successful. All the other children and young people in the transit/family homes attend school and need a lot of help with their home work.

Thank you so much for sharing the burden with us! Please also share the joy with us! Joy for those children who are receiving a chance of a dignified life.

In addition to the fact that all raised funds are monitored and accounted for extremely carefully, it may also be to your interest that none of these funds raised, in any way, go to volunteers and missionaries. Every- one coming to Marghita to work is obliged to raise sufficient funds to cover all their costs. Also, fundraising and accountancy in

Sweden takes place on a voluntary basis. Administration costs are very low! This should reassure you when you raise support and find new supporters for FCE.

We wish you all a lovely Advent period and wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration!

Fundatia Crestina Elim (FCE) in Romania

FCE is a Christian organization in Marghita, Romania whose projects involve: caring for abandoned babies and children, placing children in transit family-style homes, providing clothing and food for the needy, running a daycenter and youth club for children and young adults, partnering with a special needs school, and many other projects. On November 21st, 2010, four representatives from FCE visited us at ANCL (in Steinsel) to speak about their work.

Prayer Requests

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and EFFECTIVE!” James 5:16b

Thank you that you are standing with us in this work to give abandoned children and young people a chance to a meaningful life. Together we are a big and devoted team. Jesus himself is our comissioner and He has full control. Thank God for his wonderful faithfulness over the last 20 years that have past since we came to Marghita the first time! Thank Him for all the faithful co -workers! Thank God for all those who have been and helped in a practical way this Autumn! Thank God for the possibility we have had in being able to employ more workers, amongst whom, Andrei, who takes a big responsibility in the Club!

  • Pray for all employees and volunteers.
  • Pray for the right successor for Lars.
  • Pray for the newly started Day Centre.
  • Pray for the car wash which is opening again.
  • Pray for the children in foster care and for successful adoption processes.
  • Pray for the children and young people in the transit/family homes in Chiribiș, Mar- ghita and Poiana.
  • Pray for the children in Casa cu Flori and Casa Silvia.
  • Pray for the young people and fami- lies in the halfway home, Brândușa.
  • Pray that the vision for salvation, healing and being used by God will be fulfilled.
  • Pray for blessing over the Christmas gifts as well as wisdom and strength to encourage many people in December.

Help us to thank God for all sponsors, supporters & prayer partners.

Thank you everyone for all your support and care in 2010!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Download the FCE Newsletter by clicking here. Download the FCE Prayer Letter by clicking here.