Ways You Can Help At All Nations Church

One of the unique aspects of the church is that most of the essential work is done by volunteers who out of a desire to honor God and see the community become stronger give their time to make the church a healthy and functional community. If ANCL is your church home in Luxembourg then we encourage you to find a place to invest your time, talents and treasures for God’s kingdom. Please consider helping in one of the following areas and complete the contact form for more information.


  • Indicating a ministry area below does not obligate you to serve, but gives you the opportunity to learn more about that ministry at ANCL.
  • Frequency is up to you – your team leader will work with your schedule.
  • “Many hands make light the work” – even the occasional extra hand makes a difference, and provides rest for others serving alongside you.
  • Most roles require no previous experience, just a willingness to learn!
  • You will work with (shadow) an experienced member of the team before you officially sign up to serve.
  • A few ministries require certain qualifications or interviews before you serve (i.e: Children’s & Music).
  • Consider attending one service and serving at the other – Receive & Respond!
  • Times listed are approximate.

Sunday Morning Serving Opportunities

Facility Team

  • Set-up – 8:30-9:30
  • Clean-up – 12:45-13:15

Welcome Team

  • Greeter (outside) 1st service – 9:45-10:15
  • Greeter (outside) 2nd service – 11:15-11:45
  • Host (info table) 1st service – 9:45-10:15 and 11:00-11:30
  • Host (info table) 2nd service – 11:15-11:45 and 12:30-13:00
  • Usher 1st service – 9:45-11:00
  • Usher 2nd service – 11:15-12:30

Coffee Team

  • Set-up and 1st service – 9:00-11:15
  • Beginning of 2nd service / clean-up – 11:00 – 12:00

Communion (first Sunday of the month)

  • Set-up – 9:00-9:30 (for 1st service) and 11:00-11:15 (for 2nd service)
  • Clean-up – 12:30-13:00

Children’s Team

  • Sunday School Helper – 9:45-11:15
  • Sunday School Teacher – 9:15-11:15
  • Nursery Helper – 9:45-11:15

Youth Team

  • 1st service – 10:00-11:00 (plus occasional non-Sunday events)

Sound Team

  • Set-up 1st service – 8:15-9:45
  • Tear-down 2nd service – 12:30-13:15

Slide Projection Team

  • 1st service – 9:30-11:15
  • 2nd service – 11:15-12:45

Sunday Prayer Team

  • Lead the prayer 1st Service – 9:50-10:45
  • Lead the prayer 2nd Service – 11:25-12:15
  • Facilitate between service prayer time backstage – 11:20-11:40

Music Team

  • Musician and/or vocalist – 8:45-13:00 plus rehearsal.

Events Team (Helps with all ANCL events: Welcome Lunch, Intl. Potluck Dinner, Picnics…) – a few Sundays a year.

Other Ministry Areas

Chair Care Team – every several weeks.

Alpha Course Team – various responsibilities Wednesday evenings for 10 weeks

Global Outreach Team (GOT) – various

Small Groups – various

Women’s Ministry – various

Men’s Events – various

Prayer Team – various, including prayer walks, praying for requests, etc.

Volunteer Form…

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* Indicating a ministry area above does not obligate you to serve, but gives you the opportunity to learn more about that ministry at ANCL. Also, a few ministries require certain qualifications or interviews before you serve. Ie: Children & Worship. Please feel free to submit the form again if you wish to volunteer for more areas of service! ANCL will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you. By completing this form, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with our privacy policy.