In September 2005 a number of us started meeting every Tuesday evening to read and discuss the Bible. Reading the Bible together has helped us to focus on God. Getting to know God better puts life into perspective . Sometimes we are encouraged to hold to decisions we have taken. Other times we are challenged to make some changes in our lives.

Coming from different countries and experiences we have discovered that there are sometimes more ways of understanding a story than what we were familiar with. This has been very enriching for us. The Tuesday Evening Bible Study has become family for each of us. We shared in the joy of Sylvie and Erich’s wedding, we’ve moved furniture…. and no matter how much life beats us down, our Bible study friends encourage, build us up and pray for each other. Apart from the Bible study we also have social occasions such as potlucks, hikes and steam train rides which have all been opportunities to get to know each other better.

Last September we multiplied our Bible study in order to keep the studies small enough to allow maximum participation. Every Tuesday we now have one group meeting in Alzingen/Hostert and one in Bereldange.

This February we will be starting a series called “Jesus’ Final Week.” This study is part of our Easter celebration. For more information please contact:

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