As ANCL approaches its 12th year as a church—about to start our teen years—we are testing what we could become and do as a church if we were all fully committed and engaged in God’s work at ANCL.  So this autumn, we thought we’d do an experiment to discover our capacity for serving God. So if ANCL is your church home in Luxembourg please participate in this experiment in the following 2 ways:

  1. During September and October 2016 please give financially to the ministry of All Nations church at an amount that reflects a 100% commitment.  You may or may not be aware that ANCL does not receive any Luxembourg state financing, so everything we do that takes Euros—renting our facility, the kids ministry, Worship, Small Groups, Women’s ministry, Global Outreach, youth, staff, etc—is possible because of what we all give to ANCL.  If you are at capacity, Thank You!  If you could do more, try it out for a few months & help us discern what is possible when we give our all to God.
  2. We want your ideas regarding opportunities we can pursue in the future!  Since we are just a “teenager” we expect to grow in our capacity to expand God’s work in Luxembourg and beyond—so help us do just that by taking the “ideas survey” in the foyer on Sunday or anytime online by clicking here, and help us see what we can become.  Just remember an idea is just an idea until God provides people to do it—so your participation in our current ministry activities and future endeavours is critical. If you are not a part of serving, take a look at the many opportunities we offer by clicking here.

With God’s power, fully committed giving and willing hearts we are capable of doing more than we can imagine or think (Eph. 3:20)

Click here to take part in our Idea Survey and let’s grow All Nations Church together!

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