Spring to Freedom is determined to continue to bring God’s love and our encouragement to the women working in the red light district of Luxemburg. Please, help us again to make this Christmas a little warmer and special for these women living at the margins of our society.
HOW? What may seem to you a simple everyday item could be the only Christmas present these women will receive. Add a personal touch and they will feel particularly cared for. They welcome lip-care, hand cream, jewelry, chocolates or other candies and whatever else you believe a lady might appreciate.

With the winter approaching, they will need warm leggings or thick tights, shawls, gloves and warm socks. A kind message in French, English, Spanish, Russian, German, Bulgarian or Rumanian would make the gift even more special.

As the presents will be distributed in bags, there is no need to gift-wrap your donation.  Just bring them to church by 11 December.

Your kindness and generosity will be greatly appreciated!