God is calling you to serve—we are waiting for you to sign up!
We need more volunteers on Sunday morning to help with setting up for the service & cleaning up afterwards. This is a vital job which at the moment is being left to a faithful few every week. Without these few volunteers you would have no seats to sit on during church, no coffee to wake you up, no words to read during worship, no speakers to hear the singers & Paul… please don’t take this for granted! Being a servant to your church in this way takes no special talent or calling. Anyone can be a servant & we are all called to have a servant’s heart. If there is no one else to volunteer then God is calling you to serve your church. Jesus measures greatness in terms of service, so please, serve your church!

Setting up involves making sure the centre is tidy, the chairs are set out & equipment is put in the right places. Clean-up means bringing equipment back to the storage room, making sure the centre is tidy & left clean. Help is also needed with setting up & taking down the sound system. The more volunteers we have the less work there is to do! You may only have to help for ONE HOUR OF ONE SUNDAY EVERY THREE MONTHS. Although We need the most help with set up and clean up there are other ways you can serve – check out the sign-up on the back table or contact Anneke Hudson.