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Reference: ‘Living Hope 2019’

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For the last 5 years ANCL has been a proud supporter of Camp Living Hope in Ukraine. 2019 is no different!

Lives Changed
Children come to attend the camp from very challenging backgrounds. Breaks from the grind of daily life are rare, and many grow up without the love and attention of supportive families.

Camp Living Hope provides a safe space for these children and gives them the opportunity to experience a caring community of faith. Many come away changed, taking with them a new living hope.

Without ANCL support, the camp would not happen. It relies of the generosity of individuals to continue running.

Our goal
EUR 95 can enable 1 child to attend the camp. That amount covers all their costs, including food, transport and accommodation.

In our campaign ‘Race for Hope’, our aim is to enable 125 children to attend the camp this year. Please prayerfully consider what you’re able to give. Thank you.

Give by bank transfer:
IBAN: LU33 0024 1741 2138 8800
Reference: ‘Living Hope 2019’


What happens to the money if more than the target of EUR 12,000 is raised?

Any additional money raised will go directly to the charity Living Hope in Ukraine, which supports children and young people through its work throughout the year.

What was the giving in 2018?

Together in ANCL we raised an amazing EUR 12,060!

What is the total amount to raise for this year’s goal?

We’d like to raise again EUR 12,000 to fund the camp for 125 children to attend.

How the camp will benefit children?

The camp only takes children who come from difficult backgrounds, mostly through pre-existing relationships with existing Living Hope work. Whilst at the camp they are able to experience unconditional love and strong community led by Christian worker and helpers.

What’s the campaign completion date?

The camp begins on 22nd July. We would like to complete the giving campaign on 14th July, to be able to transfer the money raised to the charity Living Hope managing the camp.