Lumbashi, DR CONGO, Wednesday, 17 March 2010

We greet you from hot and sticky Congo and hope that your weather is beginning to change and show some signs of spring in the air!

Greetings in the name of the Lord.

It is a little while now since we wrote to thank you all for your generosity in taking part in the offering last year for us here in Congo. We are now able to give you a report regarding the results of this splendid offering.

I think we already mentioned to you that we initially bought a computer when we were in Luxembourg for the Bible College and in particular for the administrative secretary to use. It has already been a great blessing, thank you. When we knew how much money there was coming we ordered three long tables to be made for the main classroom. These will seat three students although at the moment we only need two to a table. With some more of the gift we bought another small, lap top computer for student use. We were able to put the rest with other gifts received and in fact were able to buy 9 more computers, making ten in all. This means that we now have enough for each student in the largest class.

The computers we were using were old desk top models that had been reconditioned and we didn’t have enough of them. The other negative point was that we couldn’t use them when the electricity is off; which as you probably know is frequently! Over the last few weeks it has almost consistently been off when computer lessons were scheduled – very frustrating. We had been seeking a solution for some time and with your help and that of others we were able to find this wonderful solution. We ordered them a little while ago and then had to wait for them to be delivered. We had to negotiate the price and eventually we were able to take possession of the 10 brand new computers, for which we praise God and thank you all most sincerely.

John programmed all the computers and Bridget the teacher was able to use them last week – we had no electricity but she used them on battery for the two smaller classes, one after the other. We then took them all home and were able to re-charge them using our generator. It worked well so the next day Bridget had the largest class and all were able to have their lesson. You can’t imagine how much joy that caused. We do thank you SO VERY MUCH for getting this off the ground. God bless you.

There still is a little money left from your gift and we are using this to make the computer room – should we now call it an IT lab? – secure. We have had a double door made and will need to make other arrangements too as lap tops would be easy to walk off with!

Please accept our sincere thanks for making all this possible – you were the ones that started the whole thing off and we are very grateful. The students are delighted, not to mention their teacher.

God bless you all and please continue to be part of this venture by remembering us and the College in your prayers.

With our sincere thanks and love in the Lord,

Ann and John