A Special Message from Pastor Paul McMinimy

ANCL now has Sunday worship services at 10:00 and 11:30, and God has continued to lead people through the doors of our church at both service times.

Although both services have gone well so far, 10:00 is definitely the larger of the two. In fact, we often reach near room capacity in the 10:00 service!

A growing church is a blessing, but it is also big responsibility. I would like to challenge you to make an intentional decision regarding your personal Sunday routine, one that can make a real impact on the life of our church. As you reflect upon which service you’ll attend come fall, consider some reasons God may be inviting you to make 11:30 your regular worship service.

For some of us who have children and youth, the choice may be a bit more black and white, because the classes for children and youth are currently only offered at the 10:00 service. Others of us may have more flexibility with our Sunday schedules, and can generously offer our place at 10:00 to others.

In addition to helping make space at 10:00, by attending at 11:30 you will also help ANCL continue to build and shape another vibrant community of worshipers at that service. And, there’s no reason you can’t continue being a part of the 10:00 community by occasionally signing up to serve in a children’s or youth class, or on welcome team, coffee team or in another ministry.

So please think it over, pray about it, and talk about it with your church friends, your spouse, or your family. Consider a decision to attend the 11:30 service – for God, for others, for yourself – for all the right reasons.

With great expectations for what God will do as we reflect His generous Spirit,