Dear friends,

It’s time to write you and share some news about our work at “Living Hope”.

Everything is going just fine. With the start of the new school year some new kids attend our center.

During the summer we had the possibility to travel to Uzhgorod with kids from both day care centers. We were all together 54 people – what was quite challenging, because we went with such a big group for the first time. But we really sensed the presence and blessings of God and everything was great. We taught the kids the principles of God’s Love by explaining every day one characteristic according to 1. Corinthians 13. First we met in the plenary and later we had the kids mixed up in small groups. Thanks to that the children of both centers came to know each other better and became friends. The responsibility for the small groups was laid on the teenagers and former visitors of the day care.

The timetable of the day was like that:

Early in the morning the helpers and responsible teens met for prayer and planning the day
Bible lesson – worship, scripture to memorize …
Group work
After dinner we played together and had different activities organized
In the evening we had different competitions, games, talent show …
I was leader of one small group. The group was very diverse. In the beginning most of the kids in my group were very shy and closed, but after the third day they started to share. This happened also because we had to do many exercises and tasks together, depending on each other. This really helped them to trust each other more. The topics were very interesting and up to date. The topic “LOVE” we were able to practice every day. At the end all the members of my group said that they learned and changed a lot.

So we all had a very good time and I think all of them came back with a lot of impressions. The only negative moment during the summer was that just before we planned to go to Uzhgorod the mother of one boy died unexpected. But he went with us and I think that the time together also helped him to find joy and hope for the future. He now lives with his grandmother.

Now summer is over and we are very busy with doing homework and helping the kids with their studies.

I would like to ask you to support us with your prayers, especially for one family – a single mother with three kids. They all come to our center. She has problems with her passport and for years cannot get all necessary documents. Please pray for this situation. Another urgent prayer request is that we want to change from central heating to electric heating. Please pray for finances for the equipment and for favor with the authorities who will have to give permission for that.

Thanks for all your support. May our Lord bless you. We will be happy to pray also for your needs. So please write them to us.

Many greetings from Odessa


Vika is supported by the ANCL Global Outreach ministry. Even though it is a personal letter to the church, it is a wonderful testimony of what this work is about. DK