Lent at ANCL – For some it may seem strange that ANCL would encourage you to discover the practices of Lent, but before there was a Protestant and a Catholic church many Christians used the 40 days before Easter as a way to review & reset their spiritual lives. Lent is more than “giving up sweets” it is taking the time to reflect on what we have turned our hearts toward which has caused us to turn our back to God.  So whether you decide to join in Lenten activities or not, taking an inventory of your spiritual life is always a good idea.

The ANCL Lent Guide has a brief explanation of the “Why’s” & “How’s” of Lent, plus 40 ways you can make Lent more meaningful.  At the core of lent are the Christian disciplines of fasting, prayer and reflection on scripture which are the bedrock of our life with God.  Want a quick “starter course” on Lent? check out this link. http://bustedhalo.com/video/ash-wednesday-in-two-minute . Want to know who the Lone Ranger and Tonto are?  Ask me after church (or Google them).

Resources for Lent 2012 from All Nations Church Luxembourg. Click the files to download the resources for a new kind of Lent…


LENT 2012

40 Ideas For A New Kind of Lent