As part of Jewish tradition Jesus would have paused at least three times a day to pray to his Father in Heaven. We can follow in his footsteps by stopping in the middle of a busy day to turn your eyes back to our Creator.

Why the Lord’s Prayer?

Over 2 billion people in a variety of different languages pray or sing The Lord’s Prayer on Easter Sunday ever year. That’s almost a third of the world’s population! When Jesus’ disciples asked Him, ‘Teach us how to pray’ (Luke 11) this simple yet profound prayer was His response.

Why Midday?

The whole idea of praying at 12.00pm (Midday) is that it allows God to interrupt our day, freeing our minds to be with God regardless of the pressures of busyness of daily life.

Many around the world are adopting this practice, across different time zones on the stroke of every hour it is midday somewhere… While one nation sleeps, another on the other side of the world is calling God’s Kingdom to on earth as it is in heaven. What a great worldwide partnership we can be part of in prayer!

How do we get involved?

It is so simple; all you need to do (right now) is to set an alarm on your phone, watch, clock or any time keeping device for 12.00pm. Then everyday as it rings, immediately put down what you’re doing and speak to your Father. Obviously this can put you in some interesting situations when that alarm goes off in a work meeting or in the middle of class lesson, saying the prayer becomes a little more challenging! But it may also bring an opportunity to be an answer to that prayer in the lives of those around us.

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