How to support a runner:

  1. SPONSORSHIP: Each runner is encouraged to find sponsors who will financially support the individual run. Runners are free to be creative in how they motivate sponsors to donate money for their run, e.g. donate €X per kilometer. Every runner will receive a named Sponsorship Form. Runners need to use this form to fill in the details of their sponsors and the donations they receive. This will help ensure that all funds are properly accounted for and all donors can be thanked once you’ve completed your race.
  2. DONATIONS/TRANSFERS:  Sponsors are encouraged to donate the money online via our profile on Paypal alternatively they may give the amount to the runner in cash. The cash can be given to one of the GO team members or a transfer can be made into ANCL’s account with the reference being: ING/Runner’s Name. BIL – Banque Internationale à Luxembourg: IBAN: LU33 0024 1741 2138 8800 (BIC: BILLLULL)

COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION: For more information about the Global Outreach ministry, the event or for more details about how to sign up as a runner or become a sponsor please contact one of the GO team members:

David Kitzinger: +352 661 448 010

Dan Cavolick: +352 621 543 685

Jacques Venter: +352 661 280 408

Stephanie Bertges: 0049 6500 913 275