February 28th, 2012

The moment has arrived. We have been waiting for quite a few months now for a company from Timisoara to come and drill a deep water well. As you can see in the pictures, the weather is not yet the best for working with water. However, the drilling crew arrived last night and after a few last minute obstacles (we found out only a few hours in advance that we need an excavator and 6000 l of water per day for the drilling process) they began their work. They worked for half a day and they reached 24 meters (almost 79 feet) and they still did not reach a good layer of water. Tomorrow they will continue their work and drill until they will hit the gravel layers where they say there should be clean drinkable water. Also see this drilling:

The high depth water well is completed. There were moments when the drill hit rocks and they had to go slow and moments when they were drilling through sand. After 138 feet of drilling we now have a debit of 10 cubic meters of water per hour. It is more than what we need. Thank you God for your free resources.

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