Thanks to generous donors, work on Horizon of Hope has proceeded to the next level. It seems to be taking forever as John and Pauline have now been there almost six years. It is in fact just over two years since the foundations were laid. The rest of the time has been spent battling the system trying to get all the necessary authorities. It has been a constant battle with bureaucracy and corruption. BUT- despite opposition we will prevail.

Pastor Sorin and Petry report encouraging news from the summer camps which have now finished. Because of the current economic situation, low income for families that have work and low sponsorship this year, numbers were down Yet, there were numbers of children in each camp that either became Christian or recommitted their lives to Jesus. The camps are a welcome break for the children coming from very deprived abusive home backgrounds. When asked what they enjoyed most, almost without exception said “the stories about Joseph where his brothers put him in a pit and how God helped him.” The gypsy children can relate to the abuse and see hope in the outcome for their own situations. Twelve children from Rucar attended. Pastor Sorin looks exhausted. John took over some of his preaching duties to ease his load.

Romania has received a very bad press this year. Hundreds of gypsies have been expelled from France for working illegally, begging and stealing; numbers have been found guilty of claiming benefits fraudulently in Britain and this month twenty seven adults in Romania are being prosecuted for child trafficking across Europe. The proceeds have been used to build opulent homes and buy luxury cars.Unfortunately; this is the tip of the iceberg. Yet we have many gypsies who want to work and suffer greatly because none is available. There is much racism and persecution and most turn a blind eye to their living conditions.

In August, the British team from the Beeches visited. They have been coming regularly for over fourteen years. As usual, they worked extremely hard, building and completing the front block wall, achieving far more than hoped or expected. They also fenced two thirds of the side boundary with fencing wire. John completed the heavy copings and the gates are expected to arrive soon.

Even though the cold weather is setting in we are slowly working on finishing all the inside walls on the second level. I will let you enjoy a few pictures that show a few inside walls. Please continue to support us by any means you feel or you are able too. Thank you.

Horizon of Hope is partially supported by the Global Outreach missions ministry of All Nations Church in Luxembourg.