December 27th, 2011

I believe I should start by wishing you all “Happy Holidays”. I hope you are enjoying the Holidays with friends and family remembering that the main reason of joy is the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

It is exciting to share with you a few new pictures which show the progress at the HOH youth center. In the past few weeks the electricity company gave us the approval to connect our building to the main electrical system. The price to connect was less than half compared with the first estimate we received about 2 years ago. If in the beginning the electrical company wanted to upgrade their system on our expense, they realized that we will not accept such terms and did the upgrade on their own expense. This way the connection price was reasonable and we are now connected.

Last week we were glad to host a team of friends from California who partnered with other volunteers from Fagaras and worked inside the HOH building. We were able to  dig through the bricks and make the channels for the electrical wiring. Our goal was to have at least 4 or 5 rooms ready. The volunteers exceeded any expectations and almost finished the first floor and a good part of the second floor. I will let you enjoy the photos and see the progress that was made.

Horizon of Hope is a missionary outreach funded in part by your generous giving through All Nations Church Global Outreach.