At the end of March we were honored to receive a team of hard working people from Wisconsin that added a little more security to the HOH property. This was the ice-breaking team from the US. In the past we have had teams come from the UK and worked at HOH. Now we can say that we had our first US team and it just happened to be from Wisconsin (Go Packers! Always on the first place!). There were 6 adults and 4 children. The fence was installed in the back of the property and all the way around the back. Our hope is that this will keep people and animals from trespassing. The team, which you will see in a few pictures below, worked a few days in Savastreni at HOH and also remodeled a room in one of the villages where Petry works with children and young people.

April 2nd, 2011

After a few months of  Romanian winter the weather allowed us to pour the concrete on the second and last floor of the HOH building. It was a beautiful day with sunshine. There were five high-capacity concrete  mixer transport trucks that supplied the needed concrete for all the exterior walls. It took more than 6 hours to fill all the exterior walls. We are now praying for the completion of the roof and we do trust that God will use people to provide for the completion of the roof ASAP. Our desire is to have to roof on and the windows in this summer.

Petry has been sharing about the HOH project in New Zealand with groups and churches interested in hearing about or supporting the HOH project. Please pray that God will move the hearts of people towards supporting the HOH project either through prayer or involvement.

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken by one of our HOH supporters (Michael Van Abel)  present at the building site. We also were encouraged to have a team from Wisconsin, that spent a few days installing a fence in the back of the HOH property. We will let you know about their experience and show a few pictures of their work in a future post.

Horizon of Hope is partially supported by All nations Church through our Global Outreach ministry.