Located in Savastreni, Romania, Horizon of Hope seeks to help the youth of Romania in practical ways. After working for years with the children of Romania, especially children who live in rural villages, we have realized a great need for guidance during the transitional years from childhood to adulthood. For young people who do not attend university, job opportunities can be scarce, which leads to many youth either leaving Romania or joining a depressing cycle of unemployment. We seek to change that by offering a home where boys and girls can live while they learn a trade along with the skills needed to support themselves as Romanian adults.

Getting ready for the concrete

November 16th, 2010

We are getting ready to pour the concrete belt on top of the inside brick walls. The concrete belt will provide the connection between all the walls and also will help support the roof. We continue to pray for the next step which is building the roof. Our desire is to trust that God will provide the money for the roof at the right time. It will be so nice to have the building covered before the hard winter comes. Thank you for your continuous support.

Horizon of Hope is partially supported by the Global Outreach missions ministry of All Nations Church in Luxembourg.