Dear All Nations Church,Luxembourg,

Thank you so much for the latest gift for the Horizon of Hope project. We received it in the bank yesterday. This is a very timely arrival as apart from a team of six volunteers from New Zealand, we also have a team of six Romanian plasters working for us. Despite constant rain over the past three weeks,every one has been in good spirits and progress has been very good.

All the volunteers commented that they had no idea the building was so big and can now understand how much work is involved. Electricians have been in this week to complete the wiring in the apartment,the NZers have been erecting partitions and insulating the ceilings then putting up the ceiling plates,gib-board. The plasters have been putting in three coats of cement then plaster on the walls. John has put in the sewage lines and plumbing for the first bathroom  and we have just bought the tiles for it. This work is in the apartment area which we want to complete by the end of September.

It is encouraging to see it all come together. The NZ team leave this week to be replaced in two weeks by another NZ team then two consecutive teams from America. We are encouraged by the increased flow of finance enabling us to press ahead, praise God.

Our project manager Petry is in USA for his degree graduation and has received several gifts for the project. He is due back on 14th June. Director Vasile  and other trust members have visited regularly to see progress and encourage our teams. The custom here is to feed the workers so lunch/dinner usually sees about twenty people at the table. We will be glad of a break.

We continue with our ministry in the villages. The last team commented that the highlight has been meeting the gypsies and children in the villages. They had assumed they were coming only to work hard on site  but we feel it helps to see the people who will benefit in time from the training  centre.. The nearby children’s camp managers have been a great help and encouragement lending us equipment and sending over baking now and then.Everyone seems delighted to see the vision of the training centre coming to fruition.

Florin, our on site watchman, was rescued from the streets by Petry. He is an orphan and had no where to go after having to leave the orphanage at 18.He has minimal education, no skills and few social graces. He is a challenge .We are training him in assisting the plasters . He works hard and is quite observant . .Pray for him, there are so many in his situation with no hope.

Please pray for the village work. Summer camps start in two weeks time and we send the children from six villages to them for two weeks a time.In Rucar, we have some new members but family feuding has broken out again. Pray for a solution. Pastor Sorin has been ill with a chest infection for two months. Pastor Peter is away at Petry’s graduation so John and Sorin are sharing the church  ministry. With the project, six villages, the main church in Fagaras and Sorin not being well, it has been quite difficult all around.

Pauline is running the women’s ministry and last night we had a meeting for the family married couples. They are so keen to learn and discuss issues. It was a blessing to us.

If you have any particular queries, please let us know. Sorry about the glitch in communication. We are using a mobile modem stick in an area where the signals are very weak and are having difficulty maintaining contact.

God bless you for your prayer, encouragement and support.

In His Service,

John and Pauline