After a few weeks of waiting to finish the outside wall of the second floor we have seen that God is truly in control of things. We almost got frustrated with the builder because he was giving us all kinds of reasons that he could not come to pour the concrete. But just  a few days ago we received some news that someone donated a large amount of money that will allow us to finish more than what we expected. This way we will pour the concrete together with some supporting beams and the sustaining belt on top of the inside walls. We hope that in about 2 or 3 weeks to have the whole second level ready.

Today I had the privileged to receive the help of two of my friends and work on finishing the wire mesh fence on the west side of the property. The first 100 meters of fencing was bought through the donation made by a group of children and a dear family from N. Ireland and installed by a hard working group from England.

This past week I was able to purchase the rest 40 meters so we can have a fence on the whole west side of the property. Naty and Alex helped installing the fence and we hope this will discourage the people that tried so many times so far to steal things from our HOH property. I hope you will enjoy a few pictures I took today. Please remember us in your prayers. Our desire is to have the roof on as soon as possible so the building can be protected from deteriorating.

Horizon of Hope is partially supported by the Global Outreach missions ministry of All Nations Church in Luxembourg.