Dear Friends,

For those who are unaware, we were caught in the Christchurch NZ earthquake. We survived with minor leg injuries but lost all the possessions we had taken for our five month stay in an apartment- most of our clothing, documents, all of our office equipment including a brand new unused digital projector, computer, printer, laminator, passports and cherished personal jewellery e.g. engagement ring etc. This has caused us some problems as we have lost all external hard drive back-ups plus our paper filing system. It would help if each of you would send your name, address, phone number and email address so that we can start to compile a new list.

Thank you for your concern and prayers. We are struggling a little but are fine-thank God! Apart from slight memory loss ,being very sensitive to vibrations and alarms and chaos in our schedule, our problems are minimal compared to those who have lost family members and particularly to those suffering in Japan.The experience has given us an increased appreciation of each day the Lord gives us plus a deepened compassion for and understanding of those suffering.

Petry Groza ,our Romanian project manager, will be visiting us and churches in NZ from March 30th till April 15th.We have included our itinerary for this time and would value your prayers. We are trusting Petry’s visit will be beneficial and encouraging to the churches as they hear first-hand from Romanian lips of the needs and how much their help is appreciated.

At Easter we return to Christchurch to help in a counselling centre and then to visit a few churches in the north of the island. Please pray for our accommodation needs. The apartment is marked for possible demolition with no retrieval access .Pray also that we may be sensitive to the situation around us whilst presenting the needs of Horizon of Hope, Romania.

A cold winter with much snow has prevented concreting work in the HoH building as concrete doesn’t set properly at low temperatures .Hopefully by the time Petry returns there we can proceed. We have just over half the money to erect the roof structure, timber overlay and tiling . We need another Euro 15,000 ( $30,000) Please pray this will be available when the workers are able to return.

We are due to return to Romania via UK in August. Next year we expect to bring a work team from NZ to Romania in May/June. If you are interested in joining this team please contact us at for further details.

Work in Romania, especially the villages, continues to be in short supply. Please pray earnestly for our Christian families in Rucar, Curti Soara, Halmeag and Troaclar. Our thanks for your concern, gifts and prayers .We are pleased to be alive to spend more time with our family and to complete the work God has entrusted to us.

Horizon of Hope is a missionary outreach receiving support from All Nations Church of Luxembourg.