ANCL runners in the ING Marathon

ANCL runners in the ING Marathon sponsor Transit/Family home. A Transit/Family Home is, in essence, a foster home. In each one of these family homes there are foster parents who live together with their own children and also with children and youth who have been abandoned or previously lived in orphanages. Starting in 1998, it is the goal of these family homes to teach the children and young adults to learn basic skills to eventually manage on their own. That includes skills like how to behave, show respect, look for a job, manage their salary, as well as elementary things like hygiene, cooking etc Meet the family! Meet Rafael and Aniko, who are the parents to their one young son (front right) and six foster children. Rafael and Aniko provide the most important resource for children – a loving family. The children also attend many of FCE’s other programs including FCE’s Christian youth club where they have access to worship and Bible lessons, sports, and music lessons. They also attend a summer camp run by teams of volunteers each summer. This family is one of four “transit/family homes” run by FCE. Rafael and Aniko are standing in front of the new minibus that, through the greatness of God, ANCL raised the funds to purchase this past winter. How will your spnsorship benefit? Funds raised for FCE (Fundatia Crestina Elim) in Marghita, Romania will benefit the transit/family home called “Poiana”. Funds donated will provide basic monthly costs for this family including all bills, salaries for foster parents, food, transportation, and other necessities.

ANCL runners in the ING Marathon to sponsor new social worker. By sponsoring your runner in the ING Marathon in Luxembourg you will support LENA – the new future lead social worker at a Day Care Centre. On September 1st the new centre will be opened, and Lena will be one of the responsible teachers. Your donation will help fund Lena’s salary during the set-up phase. Outreach trip to Odessa An outreach trip to Living Hope in Odessa is planned for the week commencing 20th July 2013. David Kitzinger and around 5 others will be travelling to Living Hope to spend 1 week . Activities will include:

  • Helping with the summer programme for around 60 children.
  • Visiting the day care centres.
  • Meeting the staff
  • Meeting the families
  • Practical work on the new day care centre.

Other news!

  • Visit to elderly persons home
  • Attendance at international women’s day
  • First meeting held on 24th February for former day care centre attendees resulting in 3 of the former attendees rejoining the youth group and also a closer relationship with a young mother who is in hospital
  • Traditional “Bazaar” held on 27th March – all children up to the age of 16 attending the centre can earn points helping with everyday tasks (wash the dishes, hoover, cook etc.), doing homework without special support and of good quality and attend the centre frequently. Three to four times a year they have the chance to change these points into goods sold at the “Bazaar”.
  • Development and organisation of the new Day care centre continues.

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