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Date(s) - 08/01/2017 - 14/01/2017
All Day


Below are the prayer topics for each day of the week, and the the homes that will be open for prayer thourghout the week.


Monday: Christianity Globally

  • Our brothers and sisters all over the world – Unity, Wholehearted devotion to God, etc.
  • A new revival globally.
  • For people who physically, emotionally or economically suffer because of their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • That we would work for justice in this world and be mercifully toward all people.

Tuesday: Conflicts / Tragedies in the World

  • Refugee crisis
  • Middle East (ISIS)
  • Extremism in all of its forms – secular & religious (terrorism in general)
  • Economic injustice
  • Political instability
  • For those who are or have experienced the loss of a loved one, sickness or conflict in relationships.

Wednesday: Luxembourg

  • Grand Duke Henry and his family.
  • Luxembourg government officials, parliament, Commune, functionaries and anyone with a leadership or serving role in this country.
  • For families living in this country.
  • A growing openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • For other churches in Luxembourg who serve God faithfully.

Thursday: All Nations Church of Luxembourg

Reflect on and pray through the ANCL Vision and Mission statement.

Vision: A community of hope to the world.

Mission: ANCL reflects Jesus Christ as a community that worships God, cares for people, helps them to grow and equips them to have an impact in the world for the Glory of God.

  • God’s guidance and blessings over the church leadership, each member, attendee and visitor.
  • Unity in the face of growth, challenges and diversity and new steps and developments of 2017.
  • Wisdom to be balanced in our service to one another in the church and those outside of ANCL, especially those in need.
  • Committed leaders & volunteers to serve in ANCL ministry, and new people with willing hearts to serve.
  • Open hearts to those we live near, work with, interact with that we would be God’s good news to people in word and deed.
  • That we would be generous in our financial giving to do God work through ANCL and other excellent organizations.
  • For pastors Paul and Logan.

Friday: That the Gospel of Jesus Christ be Shared in Culturally Effective Ways With Those Who Do Not Yet Believe

  • Take some time to think of those in your friend, work and family circles that have yet to embrace the love and forgiveness of God offered through Jesus Christ.

Saturday: Our Families and Close Friends

Find a friend, neighbour or family member to pray with!

  • For their spiritual well-being, but also for health, financial stability, peace and safety, good healthy family and friend relationships, and for that we may be good sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, parents, spouses and partners and friends, and see the needs of those around us and how we may best serve them.
  • Especially those close to us who are suffering, including many members in our congregation who have various needs or are challenged because of illness or other reasons – in particular Anne Christopher and her family.

Sunday: That We Live a Life of Personal and Corporate Worship in 2017 and Beyond

Prayer in church in connection to the services.

  • That we would experience the greatness of God in fresh and powerful ways, pursuing our love relationship with God through prayer, reading, reflection and study of the scripture, deep life affirming fellowship and humble spirit filled service to those around us.

Open House Locations 

Anyone is welcome to come and pray with others at the following home on the given day

Ingrid and Jonas

Simon and Julia

Ingrid and Jonas

Rob and Kelly Forster

Logan and Francisca

Click this link if you have a prayer request.