Our Easter Sunday service begins at 11:30 on 31 March. This will be a family service, with all the kids and teens joining us! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Whether you are in Luxembourg or somewhere else we wish you a blessed Easter week! On Good Friday we remember how shocking the torture and death of Jesus was to those who believed. How could God allow his Messiah to be mistreated and die? As we approach the Resurrection Sunday with the benefit of history we can see that the death of Jesus was part of God’s plan to rescue this world and redeem humanity. What a helpful reminder for us that even when things looks as if God is not in control and could never use a horrible event, that that is exactly what God was doing with Jesus and may be doing with us as well.

If you are in town and are planning to attend our Resurrection Sunday worship service at 11:30 the following information may be helpful.

Remember to turn your clocks forward 1 hour before you go to Bed on Saturday night! If not we will be finishing the service about the time you arrive!

This Sunday, Nursery will be provided but no children’s or Youth classes for kids 4years and older will be available. We are looking forward to enjoying the Resurrection of Jesus with our 5 years and older children in the service.

May the Peace that Jesus gave his life to provide be yours this Easter.

Paul McMinimy