How Does It Work?

The bottle caps will be added to collection of the Primary School of the European School. All caps will be taken to Valorlux, who pay 250 € per tonne for them. They will melt them down and turn the plastic into pallets, garden furniture and the like, which they in turn sell on. It’s environmentally friendly, for a great cause and only costs you time and garbage!

Collection points:

Large bag at the back of the church
Box in the 4-8 year old Sunday school room

What kinds of caps?

YES: Juice and milk carton caps, shampoo and other toiletries bottle caps, medicine pot caps, plastic lids.
NO: Caps from toxic products, child safety caps, metal caps.
For a person with reduced mobility, many “simple” things can be almost impossible to achieve. Thanks to these dogs, who have learned how to respond to 50 commands, life becomes easier. For example: collecting objects, from keys to water bottles; opening and closing doors and drawers; helping in shops; barking on command in the event of a problem. In addition, the dogs become companions to the children who may otherwise be somewhat isolated as a result of their disability. For more information see:
“When you don’t have the use of your legs, it’s a wonderful thing to have a friend who has four!”

Money, Money, Money…

Training a dog costs 13,000€. At 7 weeks the puppies are selected and go to a ‘welcome family’ for 16 months for basic training. The dogs will be exposed to the widest possible range of experiences and learn about 30 commands. The charity covers all the dog’s costs (for example, food and vet’s bills) during that time. Successful dogs then go to one of 4 special centres for further training, which takes another 6 months. Finally there is a period of transition as a suitable family is found and any specific extra commands are taught. The dog is given to that family for free.