• Help for John & Pauline England from Horizon of Hope
  • Men – Don’t Forget this Sunday is Bretzel Sunday!
  • ANCL Welcome Lunch – Sunday May 3rd after the worship service
  • ANCL Membership Class – Sunday May 3rd at 17:00
  • ANCL Ladies Getaway – Registration ends April 16th!

ANCL UpdateHelp for John & Pauline England from Horizon of Hope – One of ANCL’ Global Outreach Projects is Horizons of Hope in Romania run by John and Pauline England.  John and Pauline were back in Christchurch, New Zealand when the earthquake struck.  In a recent email they explained their situation

“We were caught in the Christchurch NZ earthquake. We survived with minor leg injuries but lost all the possessions we had taken for our five month stay in an apartment- most of our clothing, documents, all of our office equipment including a brand new unused digital projector, computer, printer, laminator, passports and cherished personal jewelry e.g. engagement ring etc.”

In response the ANCL Governing Board is providing 1,500 Euros from the church’s benevolent fund to help them to replace their lost clothing and ministry items.  If you want to help personally you can  do so first by praying for them, and then by giving financially either a gift to the ANCL bank account (http://www.allnationschurch.lu/giving/ ) with a donation clearly marked “NZ earthquake – J&P England” or directly by the following link http://horizonofhope.ro/blog/ and clicking on the “PayPal” link.

Men – Don’t Forget this is Bretzel Sunday! Not sure what that means?  Go to the ANCL website and find out. Missing this Bretzel Sunday is like forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday or your wedding anniversary so beware!

ANCL Membership Class April 3rd at 17:00 at the McMinimy home in Bereldange.  This class is the first step in becoming a member of All Nations Church of Luxembourg a.s.b.l.. To sign up for a class just respond to this e-mail.

ANCL Welcome Lunch April 3rd at 12:00 at the Parc Hotel.  If you are new to ANCL in the last 6 months or just want to know more about the church you are invited to attend our Welcome Lunch after the Worship Service.  We will be providing a sandwich lunch with childcare for the kids.  If you plan to attend please let us know by sending an e-mail to durbon@yahoo.com letting her know how many of you will be attending and the ages of the kids.

ANCL Ladies Getaway – Registration ends in just a few weeks, so don’t wait, sign up today! Register online at http://www.allnationschurch.lu/ladies-getaway-weekend/ . You will be glad you did!