• New Webpage – Check out the Global Outreach page on our website
  • Women’s Getaway – Register online by April 16th!
  • Global Partners in Town –Welcome Tom Ebbott and Harry Husted
  • Facility Search Update – A summary of Stuart Howard’s Sunday update below

ANCL Update

ANCL Global Outreach (GOT) Webpage Update – ANCL has updated our webpage to provide you more information about the projects the church support s – find out more about ANCL’s GOT projects at http://www.allnationschurch.lu/global-outreach-team/.  On Sunday February 20th the Mission East representative for our NASSO project in Nepal visited and updated us on the project.  To see the Nepal Eternity Orphan Home video via Youtube go to http://www.allnationschurch.lu/go-team-mission-east/ .  On this page you can also hear her update.

Women’s Getaway May 13-15th in Historic Vianden— the registration deadline is April 16th which is just a little over 5 weeks away! Register online http://www.allnationschurch.lu/ladies-getaway-weekend/ and don’t miss this great weekend experience!  Don’t wait. Do it today.

Global Partners in Town –Welcome Tom Ebbott and Harry Husted.  It is always good to have our ANCL alumni back in town for a visit!  If you are an ANCL Global Partner (Alumni) we would love to have you come back for a visit or send us an update of how you are doing, and what you are up to.  To all of our ANCL Global Partners, we miss you!!!

Facility Update

Sunday March 6th our a.s.b.l. President Stuart Howard updated the congregation concerning our search and our plans to find a new facility.  The following is a summary of his update.

We are currently pursuing a facility in Limpertsberg on Rue Pastuer.  The large meeting room is estimated to hold up to 300 people; we are hoping to secure the necessary rooms for the children’s ministry which may or may not be available.  An offer to use the facility or not should be forthcoming after a meeting on the 16th of March, by the a.s.b.l. that oversees the facility.  So please pray!

Explored a rental option for a Warehouse in Senningerberg, but the Commune will not allow us to use it.

ANCL Governing Board members and search team members met a few weeks ago and produced the following plans for our facility search.  As with all plans they are dependent on what we can find, what God provides and how the church provides.  Plans are therefore very much subject to change.

  • Short term (1-2 years) – we are looking to move out of the Parc Hotel and move into a Sunday only facility.
  • Medium term (3-5 year) – Find a facility for rent that we can use on a 24/7 basis
  • Long Term (5-10 years) – Buy land/building/renovation project or something similar so we are moving toward owning our own 24/7 facility.  We want to have a permanent location in Luxembourg.