• This Sunday January 16th ANCL is at the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange with full Children’s ministry
  • ANCL Books for January – February 2011
  • Volunteering at ANCL – your participation is needed in 2011
  • Alpha at ANCL – Starts January 26th – Who are you inviting to attend?

ANCL Update ANCL books for January & February.  This year we are tying an experiment.  We are encouraging you to consider reading and discussing some books during the year.  For the first two months of 2011 we are suggesting the following books – Surprised by Hope, by N.T. Wright or The Case for Faith, by Lee Strobel.  We will endeavor to have these books available on Sunday but you can also get them at amazon.co.uk with free shipping to Luxembourg. Click here for details.

ANCL is a community of Faith built on volunteers and in 2011 we need for people to join the ranks of those who are already volunteering.  At the bottom of this update you will find a list of ways you can volunteer at ANCL.   We need more volunteers with our children’s ministry, set up, clean up, sound team and coffee team and other areas at church. So in the next few weeks expect an invitation to get involved – when you do you and the church will benefit.  A big thank you to those who are volunteering right now at ANCL!

Alpha Starts Soon!  Alpha is a 10 week discussion on Christianity that is great for – People who believe, people who don’t believe and people who have questions about Christianity.  Each week there is a meal (yum) at 19:00, a presentation and a group discussion.  If you have friends with questions or misconceptions about Christianity, Alpha is a great way to further the discussion.  For more information or to sign up go to http://www.alphacourse.lu/

Volunteer opportunities at ANCL

We need you – it is as simple as that!  A healthy church is full of participants rather than spectators.  Feeling like you’re a part of the ANCL community of faith comes as you participate in serving that community and in the process making friends. If ANCL is your Church home in Luxembourg then for us to be a healthy community we need for you to find a place to use your time, talents and treasures for God’s kingdom.  We also recognize that in any community there are “family chores” that no one really feels a “calling to do” but the community needs have done in order to fulfill its mission. When you find an area you want to know more about please just respond to this e-mail and I will forward your interest/question on to the relevant ministry leader who will contact you.  Responding does not obligate you to serve, it just helps us to get you the information you need to make a decision. We endeavor to make serving easy and not too time consuming.  Many of the following area of service are once a month.  Some like Children’s ministry are intended to be limited (serving  1/3 of the weeks with 2/3 off) so you can continue to participate in regular Sunday worship services.  If we all do a little no one feels overburdened!

Ministry areas Role/Frequency Time of service

Nursery – 0 to 4 years Nursery worker  once a month – Sunday morning

Children’s Sunday school

  • Age 4-8 Teacher/helper (indicate preference) – Sunday morning
  • Age 8-12 Teacher/helper (indicate preference) – Sunday morning
  • Age 12-15 Teacher/helper (indicate preference) –  Sunday morning
  • Age 15-18 Teacher/helper (indicate preference) – Sunday morning

Worship Service set up Once a month as available – Sunday at 09:00

Worship Service clean up Once a month as available – Sunday at 12:00

Greeters/ushers Once a month as available  – Sunday at 10:10

Coffee table Once a month as available Sunday at 09:45

Sound Team (as available)  Once a month as available  – Sunday at 9:00

Youth Ministry (Monthly)   Monthly usually on a weekend  – Various times

Alpha Class Set up/clean up cooking, etc.  Wednesday 18:00

Worship team Singer/Instrumentalist

  • 1 Saturday a month practice
  • 2 Sundays a month for worship

Global Outreach Team Team member – monthly  –  Weekday evening.