• This Sunday ANCL will be at the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange
  • ANCL Global outreach Christmas gift
  • Christmas Eve eve service Wednesday December 23rd at 19:00 in Walferdange
  • Sunday December 26th we will be at Haus Am Becheler in Bereldange.
  • Sunday December 26th and January 2nd only nursery will be provided

ANCL UpdateANCL Global Outreach Christmas Gift 2010.  This year give a gift that you know will make a difference in the lives of those who will really appreciate it.  The ANCL Global Outreach Team projects are on the website http://www.allnationschurch.lu/this-christmas-give-a-gift-that-will-make-a-difference/ as are the various ways to make a donation this Christmas. Click here.

Christmas Eve eve Service on Thursday December 23rd at 19:00 in Walferdange.  Because we cannot secure our regular worship location for the 24th we will be meeting a day earlier. We will be enjoying some Christmas songs, Scripture and refreshments. If you plan to attend we ask that you bring some food from your Christmas tradition to share with those who attend.  Coffee, tea and hot wine will be provided. Click here for directions.

Sunday December 26th ANCL will be at Haus Am Becheler in Bereldange, check the ANCL website for directions.

Sunday December 26 and January 2nd we will be having family Worship services with all kids except nursery age worshiping with us. January 2nd we are back at the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange.

Whether you are in Luxembourg for Christmas or somewhere else in the world we wish you a very blessed and meaningful Christmas.  We hope that the truth that “God is with us” will fill your heart with hope and joy!

Paul McMinimy

All Nations Church of Luxembourg

A Community of Hope for the World