• Sunday December 5th, 12th, 19th ANCL is at the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange
  • Chirstmas eve eve Service at The Walferdange C.P on Thursday December 23 at 19:00
  • Sunday December 26th ANCL is at Haus Am Becheler in Bereldange
  • Alpha at ANCL Starts January 26th – a great way to introduce someone you know to God.
  • ANCL Global Partner Harry Husted is honored by Delphi

ANCL Update

Sunday December 12th ANCL is having a family Worship Service – all Children except nursery age will be joining us for the worship service.

Alpha at ANCL starts on January 26th.  The 10 week Alpha course is a great way to learn more about who Jesus Christ is and why he came in a relaxed and open environment.  Dinner is served each week at 19:00 followed by a presentation and then discussion.  Alpha is an excellent way to help people move beyond the misconceptions of Christianity so they can move closer to a relationship with the God who made and loves them.  More information at http://www.alphacourse.lu

ANCL Global Partner Harry Husted was awarded the top technical award Delphi gives engineers worldwide

Harry Husted is recognized for his trade secret, seven patents, and five defensive publications. His publications include Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy for Electronics Climate Control and Electric Motor Pressure Hold for High Pressure Fuel System. Husted is a member of the Gas Engine Management Systems group and has worked for Delphi for 27 years.

If you know Harry and Christy drop them a note or e-mail of congratulations!  If you need their e-mail address let me know.

Whether you stay in Luxembourg for the Christmas holiday or travel somewhere else we pray you have a wonderful holiday.

Paul McMinimy