Sunday October 24th ANCL Worship Service at the Parc Hotel

This week and for the near future we will be meeting for our Worship service at the Parc Hotel in Dommeldange.  Since for many of you this will be your first time at the Parc Hotel we are asking you to do the following this Sunday.

  • Give yourselves a little extra time on Sunday morning – arrive at 10:15 – 10:20 if you can.
  • Find out how to get there – go to the for directions
  • There will be someone inside the Hotel lobby to greet you and tell you where the worship room and the nursery (for children 0-4 years old) room is.
  • This week we want to all start off together in the worship area (except for the nursery children) and then children will be escorted to their classrooms by teachers after a few worship songs.
  • The Hotel has a restaurant so if you want feel free to stay after for lunch.

Facility Search and Kehlen – Information and Action Point

ANCL UpdateThose of you who were at the open meeting last Sunday had the opportunity to get caught up on the proposal for a facility in Kehlen.  Yesterday you should have received an e-mail asking your opinion on Kehlen as a future worship facility – We are asking that each of you give the Governing Board your thoughts on Kehlen.  You can do that by replying to yesterday’s e-mail.

In the e-mail you received yesterday (if you did not please let me know) there is a link to the presentation, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  There is also a timeline of next steps in our church’s evaluation of Kehlen as a future home for ANCL.

One Key point is that as of last Sunday ~140,000 of the 250,000 Euros estimated needed for a new facility has been pledged.  In early November the Facility Finance Team will be looking at the pledges to determine if Kehlen is financially viable or not.  So if you have not pledged, we ask that you would do so soon by e-mailing our ANCL treasurer Guy Hudson at .  So prayerfully consider what you believe you could give by April 2011 and make a pledge.  If you have made a pledge already we thank you!  If you have decided you can’t pledge or don’t think you should we thank you for prayerfully considering it.  If you haven’t yet pledged we would ask you to do that as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation at ANCL !

Paul McMinimy