• This week our Worship service is in Kylburg Germany not in Luxembourg
  • October 17th – Back in Walferdange – shortened service w/ Facility discussion, be there!
  • Capital Fund update

ANCL UpdateThis Sunday our ANCL Worship Service at Retreat site in Kyllburg, Germany at 10:00 where the church is having a getaway. We will not be having a worship service that week in Luxembourg. Directions to our location in Kyllburg will be on the ANCL website next week and can be found at the bottom of this e-mail.

Sunday October 17th – Open Meeting with Facility Search update and discussion – Be there! If you were planning on coming to church one time this year, this would be the Sunday! We will have a shortened worship service and a critical update on our facility search. Time will be given for questions and answers. Our goal is that we all come away with a clearer picture of the opportunity we face. There will also be a presentation on the 2011 Budget. A sandwich lunch is provided!

Capital Fund facts:

  • 140,000 of the 250,000 Euros estimated need for a new facility has been pledged to date
  • 4,500 of the 6,000 Euros in monthly giving increase has been pledged!
  • We need your pledges soon, but the funds will likely not be needed until the Spring of 2011

If you have pledged – Thank you!
If you have not yet pledged please prayerfully consider doing so TODAY!!!
If you don’t plan to pledge please let us know why – when you do it helps us to listen to God better and follow him as a community!
If you are an ANCL Global Partner – we need you participation too!

Directions to Kyllburg, Germany

  1. The starting point for these directions is at our Worship location in Walferdange, Luxemboug. Address of the retreat site if you are using a GPS unit is – Auf dem Stift 6, 54655 Kyllburg, Germany
  2. Starting point – Walferdange Luxembourg
  3. Head north on Rue de l’Eglise/CR233 toward Rue de la Gare/CR125 – 59 m
  4. Turn right at Rue de la Gare/CR125 – 170 m
  5. Turn left to stay on Rue de la Gare/CR125 Continue to follow CR125 – 2.3 km
  6. Continue onto CR126 – 2.4 km
  7. Turn right onto the ramp to E29 – 120 m
  8. Turn right at E29 – 1.0 km
  9. Turn right onto the ramp to E44/Luxembourg/Trier/E25/Bruxelles/Metz – 300 m
  10. Merge onto E29 – 1.3 km
  11. Take the exit onto A1/E44 toward Trier/Grevenmacher/Senningerberg Entering Germany – 27.6 km
  12. Continue onto A64 – 9.0 km
  13. Take exit 3-Trier to merge onto Bitburger Str./B51 toward Aachen/Bitburg Nord Continue to follow B51 – 34.2 km
  14. Continue onto L32 – 1.7 km
  15. Turn right at Staffelstein/L34 Continue to follow L34 – 3.9 km
  16. Turn right at Lindenstraße/L34 Continue to follow L34 – 1.7 km
  17. Turn right at Hochstraße – 140 m
  18. Continue onto Stiftstraße – 550 m

If you need help finding the retreat site please call my mobile number a 00352 691 504 406 and we will do what we can to get you there!