• Tomorrow – Joint worship Service, Picnic & Baptism in the north of Luxembourg in Encherange
  • Friday June 25th at 18:30 Untied Generation’s Choir sponsored by ANCL and the Walferdange Church
  • Sunday June 27th we will be at Haus Am Bechler for our 10:30 worship Service
  • All Church Getaway Schedule for October 8th -10th – set aside this weekend in your calendar
  • Facility Search update

ANCL UpdateJoint worship service tomorrow – For more information and directions go to the ANCL Website – www.allnationschurch.lu , click on “news & events” at the bottom right of the homepage and you will find information and a link for directions. Service Starts at 11:00, plan to arrive by 10:30.

United Generation Choir at the Walferdange Catholic Church on Friday June 25th at 18:30. A great choir from Greg and Karen Greeley’ church in the States, this concert is a cooperative effort by ANCL and the Walferdange Church. We hope you will come to enjoy great music and help build a positive connection between the two churches. An offering for Christian Solidarity International will be available at the end of the concert! Dessert is offered after at the Walfer cultural center. Tell your friends – you’ll be glad you did!

Sunday June 27th we are at Haus Am Bechler in Bereldange at 10:30 for our Worship Service. Details in next week’s e-mail update.

Get your Calendars out and save the weekend of October 8-10th open for the ANCL All Church Getaway! A great success 2 years ago and a “don’t miss” event in the life of the church. More details to follow this summer.

Progress is being made on our search for a new facility for ANCL. Expect an update on the 27th of June! Please continue to consider how God wants you to invest in the ANCL New facility capital fund. A hand out was provided last week and e-mailed to you this week. If everyone does what they can, then we will have all that we need to move in to our next church facility!

Any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me

May the peace of God be with you!

Paul McMinimy

All Nations Church of Luxembourg
A Community of Hope for the World