All of us have a desire to wake up feeling good, energetic and joyful. Yet stress, worry and having to keep up can overtake that desire to feel joyful and energetic. How can we all maintain joy and inner peace despite the natural ups and downs in life? How can we be less overwhelmed or angry? More patient and loving?

There is a way!

With God at the center, we can learn to use our physical bodies to think it, feel it and do it with greater joy and success as we leave 2014 and enter into 2015.

Saturday, 4 October. 09:00-12:00

At the Chrischona church which is located at 32a rue de Luxembourg Betrange – there is an AXA insurance office at the same location. You can get there on public transportation on the 6 or 7 bus lines from town (Hamilus) or on the train from Luxembourg Gare.

This a great seminar for anyone and everyone – so bring a friend no matter their faith background.

Led by Heidi Lepper-Barrett Ph.D

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