“Wake up, sleeper,
rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” – Ephesians 5:14

“Awake, my Soul, for you were made to meet your Maker.” – Mumford and Sons

”When we despair of gaining inner transformation through human powers of will and determination we are open to a wonderful new realisation: inner righteousness is a gift from God to be graciously received. The needed change within us is God’s work, not ours… The disciplines [practices] allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us.” – Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline


The women of ANCL are invited to a one day workshop to discover and explore Spiritual Practices that can open our eyes, awaken our souls to where God is and what he would do in our lives.

A Spiritual Practice (also called a “discipline”) is simply something we do that opens us up to the transforming presence and power of God in our lives. They include prayer, meditation, bible study, fasting – but also serving, simplicity, mindfulness, hospitality… We will explore the concept of a Spiritual Practice and spend lots of time in discussion about how we might take steps to implement one or two into our daily lives.

This will be a very practical, interactive and fun day, not one to give you a long to-do list or make you feel guilty for all the things you should be doing, but one to spark your curiosity and your desire to go deeper in your relationship with God.


Date: Saturday 30th November

Timing: The day will start at 9:30am with coffee and croissants, and will include lunch. We’ll wrap up by 4:30pm.

Cost: €30 to cover lunch and handouts. Please pay by bank transfer into the ANCL account LU33 0024 1741 2138 8800 when you register. Please mention “Awake Registration” in your transfer.

Location: Haus Am Beschler, in Walferdange. Places are limited so please sign up as soon as possible.


Questions? Contact Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen (fiona @


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