Come unite in worship with other churches from around Luxembourg for this special annual worship service.

Note: This year’s service service is NOT at the Tramsschapp – We outgrew it! Instead it is at Hall Victor Hugo, just a short walk from ANCL. There will be plenty of seating and room to accommodate all the churches here. The Hall has its own parking lot, but you can also park at the Glacis lot or take public transportation. 
ANCL will lead the music this year, with Martyn Cottey rejoining the rest of the ANCL band.
The children ages 4-10 will join with children from the other churches to sing a special song for everyone! Kids’ program for ages 5-12 will be offered in English, French and Luxembourgish part way through the service.
This will be the only service on 25 October 2015 and it will start at 10:30am, but this is also the weekend of the Fall Time Change! Set your clocks back and it will feel like 11:30!
A Bring Your Own Picnic will follow, rain or shine. Bring food and drinks along for your own family.  The picnic will take place indoors, but please note that there are no kitchen facilities available.
So in summary:
Where: 60 Avenue Victor Hugo
When: 10:30am
Bring: Your own picnic
There will be no services at 85 Ave. Pasteur