Can’t wait for Christmas Eve??? Neither can we. So we’re having our Christmas Eve service one day earlier!!! We will be enjoying some Christmas songs, Scripture and refreshments.

If you are in Luxembourg this week we hope you will participate on Wednesday night (Tomorrow) December 23rd at 19:00 at our regular worship location in Walferdange.

Our service will consist of Christmas songs and scripture readings about the birth of Jesus the savior.

The service is a family service and we will not be having any Childcare.

No offering will be received because this is a day for us to open our hearts again to the priceless gift of God, who humbled himself and came as an infant into this world. If you want to give an extra Christmas donation we would suggest you do that on Sunday the 27th of December.

If you are planning on coming please bring some food from your Christmas tradition to share with us – it can be sweet, salty or just plain delicious – after the service we will have coffee, tea and hot spiced wine available to go along with your tasty treats.

If you are coming from work and cannot bring anything to share in terms of food, please come anyway and share yourself!

Whether you are in Luxembourg for Christmas or somewhere else in the world we wish you a very blessed and meaningful Christmas. We hope that the truth that “God is with us” will fill your heart with hope and joy!