Calling all 11:45 service attendees! How do you think this worship service is going so far? Any changes or improvements you would make? What could we add or remove? How can we build community, both within the service and flowing out of it? If you’ve ever heard the story about Stone Soup, you know that if everyone contributes an ingredient into the soup, the soup will wind up tasting really good! So bring us your ideas (the soup will already be cooked) about the 11:45 service and help us to make it a more savory service!

If you regularly, or even occasionally attend our 11:45 service, you are invited to a simple soup & bread lunch after church on 17th January (around 13:00). We will discuss any thoughts and ideas you have about the 11:45 service over lunch as we get to know one another better. Food will be provided, bring a drink to share if you’d like.